About Us

Our Beginning


 Started simply by chance in a small group of like-minded people (WE ALL SHARE) the idea to create a token was born.  While discussions took place to determine use, market cap, etc. founder owner of said group created SCHNEID Token!  



 The immediate use case of SCHNEID token was and will continue to be simply to identify like-minded people.   People from all around the world once strangers, gathered by chance, have built trusted and valued relationships.  We find the most value in the relationships created; the community we have created.   

Why Us?


 Just as our little WE ALL SHARE group grows and flourishes in a virtual world, so should a community of my friends and family.   Like Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged Galt's Gultch, one day will exist Schneid Refuge, where all SCHNEID token holders will be welcomed and can stay as long as they like.