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Founder / CEO

Ron Schneidereit

Chief Tech. & Security Officer

A.D. Hufford

Chief Legal Advisor

JW Myers IV

chief development officer

T.J. Hammer


Will always be purchased by:

Ron Schneidereit for exactly 1:1 ratio with TRON (TRX).

Wallet Address:  TPUHePpBzb8gxCmPD2WmXGvfomC81pZeMv 

Return TRX payments will be made within 24 hours.  Faster if you notify me.


SCHNEID token is only a identifier of like-minded people.   There is no expectation that it will ever grow beyond the value of TRX.  It is not a coin, nor security nor investment in any company.  However, it will be used to identify people invited to visit Schneid Refuge.